5 ways to stop getting sick

5 ways to stop getting sick

As I write this, I have a really bad sore throat, and last month it was a stomach virus. Maybe my body is trying to tell me something, but I’m not listening! I refuse to slow down, so my body is doing it for me.  I’m sure the stomach flu was from poor sanitary conditions at the salad bar, and well, I’m not surprised, since I’ve been doing a lot of takeout.  My immune system is knocked down and out. It’s time to start saying NO to obligations that don’t feel right,  and it’s time to regroup and reconsider 5 ways to stop getting sick.

Kick The Unhealthy Habits

As important as it is to introduce healthy habits into your lifestyle, you should work on kicking the unhealthy ones first. After all, there’s no point in working to boost your immune system to then undermine its basic defenses two minutes later.

Eating junk food and food that doesn’t fuel your body with nutrients, are all cause for concern, as they can impair your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to illnesses and infections. 

What is your body telling you? Are you really up for grabbing something sugary or not in line with what feels healthy and whole? Consider it a growth opportunity to try to listen – a tough thing to do when your body says one thing and your mind says another.

But what are the consequences of having 2 separate messages coming at you? It takes work to listen to your rational self, but ultimately you’ll feel better.

Eat A Healthy Diet

The most obvious way to keep your immune system in tip-top condition is to eat a well-rounded and nutrient-packed diet. This should include plenty of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole grains.

Try to avoid eating too much junk food, as this usually contains refined sugar, salt, and saturated fats, all of which cause inflammation in the body and stop your immune system from working as it should. 

Which brings me to another point — cravings. We all have them, but may not know how they work. Cravings can be, and usually are, both psychological and biological. We mostly crave sugar, carbs, salt, cheese and chocolate.  And when we have too much of these foods, our immune system takes a huge hit.

So, go for a walk, meditate, avoid eating trigger foods, drink lots of lemon water and try to find healthier options to grab. Fresh berries, guacamole, hummus, veggies and rice chips are good for starters.

Sleep Well Every Night

If you want to make some real changes in your life, then sleep needs to become a priority. You can’t keep skimping on your shut-eye because you’ve got too much to do.

This causes stress, which can suppress your immune system. If you’re struggling to get to sleep each night, then you should speak to your doctor, as there are a number of sleep disorders that could be affecting you. 

Did you know that 20-40% of adults struggle with lack of sleep? It is so exhausting to toss and turn through even one night. Sleep hygiene needs to be something worth fighting for! Sleep is when our bodies refuel and recover, and yes, there is a connection between what we eat during the day and how we sleep at night. 

Starting with cutting down or cutting out caffeine and switch off electronics to allow your mind to relax. Essential Oils are natural plant extracts and one use in particular is helping to relax and get to sleep! Click here for a guide on essential oils for better sleep.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

We all have to deal with stress now and then, but chronic stress is harmful and can stop your immune system from working properly. Because of this, you need to ensure that you do what you can to manage and reduce your stress levels.

There are a number of ways you can do this, including exercising regularly, meditating, and dealing with your issues. If you’re struggling to manage your stress alone, talk to someone you trust, which is old news, but sometimes we just need to hear it.

Stress drains our energy, our willpower, our relationships and our health. It has a snowball effect and can eventually make us sick, both short-and long-term. I learned the hard way with a breast cancer diagnosis. Not saying that stress, alone, caused my cancer, but living beyond my ability to handle the stress that was coming my way, was a contributor, no doubt. 

Try To Exercise Daily

Daily exercise is crucial for a number of reasons. It keeps your stress levels low, raises your energy levels, and promotes better sleep, all of which help to boost your immune system and combat a range of different illnesses and health conditions. This means it’s important that you try to exercise every single day. If you don’t want to go it alone, then buddy up with a friend or join a fitness class or group. You should also find ways to incorporate exercise into your everyday life.

The internal and external influences — what we eat, how we sleep, lifestyle choices, all have the ability to be nourishing, or just the opposite — throw our immune systems into chaos, which is the root of inflammation, and illness.

So, connect the dots in your life, and renovate your shopping cart at the supermarket, take steps to exercise, eat right and sleep well. Once you start to heal and rebuild your body’s natural defenses, you’ll stop getting sick. Start here. 




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3 thoughts on “5 ways to stop getting sick”

  • Hello Amy,

    This is really true! I can confirm that all these tips help to avoid getting sick. During the years I worked as a Flight Attendant, I often had a lack of sleep, I was constantly under stress, I didn’t exercise enough and I didn’t eat very healthy. I got the flu every now and then and I often felt tired and had a lack of energy.

    Now, I have totally changed my lifestyle and I follow all these great tips you have presented here. Of course, I also get cravings for something to eat, especially sweets or ice cream, when I haven’t eaten enough breakfast or lunch. I can’t withstand the temptations at all times, but mostly it helps with eating nuts (unsalted), a bit cheese or a fruit. When I don’t sleep enough my body rebels rather quickly. I really need my 8 hours of sleep per night.

    Once again a great post, thank you! Me too can really recommend this excellent tips.


  • I rarely get sick, and I have to say that I do everything you suggest. The biggest thing for me is to exercise every day. I feel at a loss if I don’t. It just starts my day off right and helps eliminate any stress. I think that and eating right, are big for staying healthy. Great information!

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