Benefits of warm lemon water

Benefits of warm lemon water

When life gives you lemons, drink warm lemon water! There’s nothing as refreshing or cleansing, and if you make it part of your morning ritual, it will set the tone for the rest of your day.  Some of us take a brisk walk, meditate, do yoga, or hit the snooze button. No matter what your routine, a cup of warm lemon water helps to clear the dust out of your brain and set your body and mind to be clear and sharp for your upcoming day. The benefits of warm lemon water are amazing!

Boost your energy

I would never suggest that lemon water replaces your morning cuppa coffee, but I can tell you from personal experience, that lemon water gives me a burst of energy in a natural way, without the jitters that coffee can cause first thing in the morning. Lemons are purifying, and provide antibacterial and antioxidant benefits,  and the vibrant scent is a great way to start the day.  I use a few drops of lemon oil to enhance my body lotion, and the smell is wonderful.

Clear your mind and body

There is something so calming and cleansing about drinking a cup of warm lemon water. Maybe because it flushes toxins out of your body through your liver. Lemon boosts enzyme functions that stimulate your liver, and since your liver is a key player in detoxifying your body, you’ve put into motion a series of cleansing events for your body, first thing in the morning! The citrus flavanoids in lemon can also protect the liver against toxins, which also prevents fatty liver.

Keep your skin clear

Vitamin C is a water-soluable antioxidant, loaded in lemons. This powerful punch helps to combat damage caused by free radicals, sun, sugar, and chemicals from makeup. Lemon water helps to keep your skin smooth and fresh, and it also stimulates the production of collagen in the body, which we all need to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles in our faces. 

Lemon juice purifies the skin and closes the pores. It works great as an exfoliant as well. Just mix with sugar to make a smooth paste and apply it to your face, then rinse, as you would with other facial products. The citric acid is great for your skin and complexion. As a matter of fact, I have read studies that say that vitamin C intake on a steady basis can help keep those wrinkles at bay.

List of benefits of lemon water

Prevents bad breath

It’s true! Lemons are natural deoderizers and are often used in many cleaning solutions. Lemons can kill germs, and can also get rid of odors in your mouth. Onions, garlic, or fish come to mind. A glass of lemon water first thing in the morning also helps to stimulate saliva, which is a good thing, as bacteria tend to thrive in a dry mouth.  

Strengthens the immune system

Lemons are naturally loaded with vitamin C, which helps to strengthen your immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells, which in turn, are critical for tip-top immune function. Vitamin C also helps protect the cells in your body from free-radicals and oxidative damage.

Acid or alkaline

Lemons are acidic on their own, but when we consume lemons or lemon juice, they’re actually alkaline once they are ingested.  That’s because when the citric acid from the lemon is metabolized, it doesn’t create an acid environment in the body, and instead, creates an alkaline effect, which can help to alleviate heartburn or acid reflux symptoms. So, when you neutralize the acid pumping into your stomach, the effects of heartburn and acid reflux can be effectively reduced.

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Lemonade with greens

One of my favorites, made best with a juicer, but if you don’t have a juicer, try a blender. 

  • 2 handfuls of organic spinach
  • 4 small seedless organic cucumbers
  • 2 small sweet red apples
  • slice of ginger
  • tiny piece of turmeric

Add ice into blender, or juice and add ice later. Either way, this is refreshing, soothing and oh so healthy!

Lemon aid

At less than 25 calories per glass, lemon water is a rich source of calcium potassium, vitamin C and pectin fibre. With traces of iron and vitamin A, this alkalizing and purifying morning cocktail packs a fabulous punch. The benefits of warm lemon water are far-reaching, and its therapeutic properties are rejuvenating and stimulating! Have you tried lemon water? Let me know in the comments below!







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14 thoughts on “Benefits of warm lemon water”

  • Hi Amy, I love your site!

    My wife and I both drink water with lemon. She drinks it warm and gets on my case because I drink it cold. I’ve heard that the body absorbs cold water faster than warm. But I am not convinced of either being better than the other. Because, regardless of temperature, the body will adjust the water temperature to match the body temperature.

    • Thanks, Glen! Never heard that the body absorbs cold water faster than warm! I know that warm water is calming and helps digestion. But whatever works is best. Thanks for writing!

  • Hi Amy,
    I know of the wonderful benefits of lemons. What caught my eyes was the title of your post «Benefits of WARM lemon water». I often use to start my day with a glass of cold water with freshly pressed lemon juice. I also like to add freshly pressed lemon juice to my black tea because it tastes so good. However, I was not aware of the benefits of drinking warm water with lemon juice. I’ll absolutely want to make a habit out of drinking a cup of warm lemon water instead of tea in the morning. That’s a great substitute for the black tea.
    Amy, I wonder, is warm lemon water more of a benefit than cold lemon water?
    Thanks for a most refreshing post.

    • Hi Pernilla and thanks for such a great question! I don’t think there is anything “scientific” about warm lemon water as compared to cold, except for the fact that it is so incredibly soothing and warming. Cold water is a jolt to the system first thing in the morning, and the warm lemon water is very balancing to me. Having said that, when the temps are in the 90s outside and the house is hot, I will be drinking cool lemon water, but not ice cold. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  • As someone who is a big lemon water fan I enjoyed reading this article. Hot or cold it’s a favorite. Try adding some mint leaves for a refreshing summer beverage!

  • I have been looking for ways to detox or cleanse my body, and have heard that lemon is a great way to get rid of some of the toxins in our bodies. I really like lemons and the idea of warm lemon water to start the day. I didn’t realize there are so many other benefits as well, including weight loss and a boost of energy, who doesn’t want that? I am definitely going to give this a shot, I appreciate you sharing this article. Ah, the power of lemons!

  • Hi, Amy,

    I love very much simple but at the same time robust solutions for being healthy, like drinking warm lemon water!
    I didn’t know about the acid neutralizing properties – impressive!
    The fresh breath bonus is a pleasant surprise to me, as well. How many benefits in just a cup of lemon water! I didn’t know about lemon oil properties.
    Thank you for this post.
    And I will try the lemonade with greens:)

  • This is some good information. Someone did recommend lemon water to me but i’m not really a fan of lemons as it is (unless it’e lemonade) but I do realize that as I get older (I’m 34) I really should be taking better care of myself. i am more inclined to try this as I am aware of the benefits of alkalinity. Would you recommend adding raw honey to lemon water since i’ve researched that raw honey is good for you as well? Would appreciate your feedback on that. Great post!

    • Hi Mike! Yes you could add a little bit of honey to the lemon water to cut the sourness. I have also used Stevia when the lemon is too, umm, lemony…! Nothing so refreshing as lemon water, and I don’t know where you live, but here in the New York area it is getting warmer outside, and putting the lemon water on ice is amazing! Thanks for writing!

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