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On October 30, 2003, I was diagnosed with stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma – a fancy way of saying “breast cancer”. This devastating moment sparked a desire in me to start participating in my well-being and not sit idly by while my health deteriorated from a mainline of sugar and a lifestyle not at all in balance with my desires.

I met author and consultant Verne Varona through an online newsletter during one of my late-night, caffeine-fueled computer jam sessions. He said he could teach me some macrobiotic strategies to assist in my healing after 4 months of vicious chemotherapy and a surgery that left my body weak.  More than a decade later, my life is more connected, more spiritual and infused with a grace I never thought possible.

It has been my desire and incentive to share my knowledge with the world — specifically with respect my healing journey. From selecting organically-sourced produce, to reducing stress and finding ways to stop emotional eating, Varona has been my kick-ass, pull-no-punches mentor for all these years. I hope to share what he already knows, which is that eating the right foods is not the whole picture, and that embracing self-healing strategies such as healthy emotional expression, managing stress, enjoying love and social support systems,  serves to enhance longevity and has a positive impact on physical and psychological well-being.

I look forward to sharing these, and many other brilliant bombshells with you!  Oh, I live on Long Island as a single parent, where I work 2 jobs, spend time enjoying the company of good friends, painting rocks found on the beach, and hoping that my son, currently a college grad, returns my text messages.

So thanks for stopping by! I look forward to sharing some really great information, and hope it inspires you to start your own wellness revolution, just as it did for me! Leave me a comment below, or find out more by clicking here!

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4 thoughts on “Meet Amy”

  • I am so glad I ran into you on WA Amy! Your website is beautiful! I have had many health problems and know I need to eat good food. I have food allergies which makes it challenging and a husband who has a terrible sweet tooth as well as fat tooth, starch tooth (we both share that)! Luckily, he loves healthy food too, we just need to make time to make it! We both love cooking so that helps.

    I am glad you are finding such a healthy life now! I enjoy your website.

  • Good Morning Amy,

    You have a great website with lots of helpful information.I am so happy to read you have overcome cancer.
    My Mother had an other type of cancer in 1972 and after awful radiation decided to investigate herself. For 1 year she only ate Speise Quark and the powder of Red Beets. This powder was not available in Holland so she would buy it in Germany. I now understand she gave her body the needed rest to heal itself. Afterward she only ate natural things. Men-made was completely out. She lived till 1997. I am completely convinced that keeping as close to nature as possible the better our health will be. Wishing you all the best.

    Regards, Taetske

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