Veggie Bullet Review

Veggie Bullet Review

Product: Veggie Bullet
Price: $149.99
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon @ $87.99
My Rating: 10 out of 10!

Spiralize! Shred! Slice!  Eating healthy has never been so convenient! It used to be that I would get home from work, too exhausted to cook, let alone cut up anything resembling vegetables, and end up making poor food choices, or worse, no food choices at all.  That’s when I started searching for a solution to the evening meal – something easy, yummy and nutritious. This Veggie Bullet Review is a biggie and today I wanna shine a light on my new favorite machine.  It is super easy to use, super easy to clean and super powerful.


Featured in the Box:

  • Patented Cyclonic Spiralizer
  • Spaghetti Spiralizer Blade
  • Shredder/Slice Accelerator & Blade
  • Cookbook with 70+ recipes
  • Easy assembly
  • Dishwasher-safe attachments & accessories
  • FREE one-year warranty

With reduced prep time, and reduced cooking time, you can increase your veggie consumption! Replace your hand-cranked spiralizer, cheese grater, food processor, and even your knife and cutting board! This Veggie Bullet has the world’s first patented cyclonic spiralizer. Turn nutrient-rich whole foods into nutritious, complete meals with just the touch of a button. Spiralize an entire zucchini in 10 seconds for delicious “Spaghetti” and marinara. Enjoy sweet potato curly fries for four in less than one minute. Or pop on the Shredder/Slicer Accelerator for a bowl-full of shredded Cauliflower Rice or a Sliced Veggie Casserole. The possibilities are endlessly amazing and mouth-watering!

Shredding and Slicing

The Veggie Bullet is equipped with two different assemblies. The first is the Slicing and Shredding System which operates like a traditional food processor, cutting your food either in thin uniform slices or finely shredded strips, and expelling it out of a chute. This assembly operates with a double-sided blade – one side is used for shredding, and the other for slicing.

The Shredding setting can be used for hard vegetables and fruits like carrots, beets, potatoes, and apples. It is also very useful for shredding cheeses and grinding nuts. The Slicing Function does a super job cutting zucchini, squash, onion, firm tomatoes, lemons, limes, and block cheeses and meats. It is also useful for coarsely chopping leafy greens like romaine, kale, and chard.

Electric Spiralizer

The second assembly is the vegetable spiralizer, which makes incorporating more veggies into your diet easy by creating strands of twirlable, vegetable noodles, which is a great healthy, green substitute for pasta. Unlike hand-cranked spiralizers, the Veggie Bullet’s automatic system creates little mess or residue and keeps all contents contained in one spiralizer “basket”. My favorite is green, organic zucchini, which spirals into the most delectable “zoodles” you’ll ever eat!

At just 23 calories and 4 grams of carbohydrates per cup, zoodles, (zucchini noodles), are less than half the calories of traditional pasta, and not only is zucchini better for you, it is fun to make, delicious and add great health benefits to your meal.  Spiralizing isn’t just for zoodles! Try spiralizing sweet potatoes, squash, beets, apples, and more!  Any oblong, firm vegetable makes a great candidate for spiralizing. Yellow squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and parsnips, other produce like beets, butternut squash, and apples can ALL be pre-cut to fit through the spiralizer Chute. I’ve even spiralized organic carrots! They look so bright and orange and taste deliciously fresh!

One word of caution: The carrot doesn’t spiralize all the way to the bottom, so you have to gently remove a tiny piece of carrot by pulling it out of the spiral chute, so be careful. Shredding carrots is probably the better choice!

Why go with an electric spiralizer over a hand spiralizer?

Well, maybe the question should be: how long do you want to spend making lunch or dinner? As fun as making spiralized vegetables can be, no one should be spending hours doing it. Cranking a handle isn’t exactly the way to burn calories, so let Veggie Bullet do the work for you. Once you realize how much you love organic zoodles, Veggie Bullet’s electric spiralizer will become the go-to machine in your kitchen.

By the way, it also shreds and slices anything from vegetables to meats and cheeses, allowing you to make delicious meals like stir-fry chicken with veggies!  Just shred a bowl of savoy cabbage, purple cabbage, carrots and onions, throw into a wok or pan with some water, garlic and a splash of organic tamari, and stir-fry for a few moments until you think it’s done! (Please don’t shred the chicken BEFORE you shred the vegetables, unless it is already cooked!)

The video above quickly demonstrates how easy it is to put together a delicious meal in 3 minutes flat. Slicing the carrots made me realize that there are no more excuses! No more reasons why I can’t prepare healthy, organic meals that will help me feel rejuvenated…!

How to quickly Shred and Slice Veggies

Shred and slice zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, beets, onions, potatoes, brussel sprouts, hard-boiled eggs, cooked chicken, and more…!  Make sure your ingredients are fully washed and prepped, and make sure you have a bowl under the chute, as seen above, in the left-hand photo.  Place the ingredients into the chute, and guide down the chute using the pusher, while pressing  the button below (center photo) and voila! Beautiful, healthy and shredded!  One important note: The blade that shreds and slices is ONE blade, with 2 sides. Be certain that the shredding side faces UP when you want to shred, and that the slicing blade faces UP when you want to slice.

What’s the best way to clean the Veggie Bullet?

Make sure to unplug your Veggie Bullet prior to assembling or disassembling your Bullet. All individual pieces (except the Power Base) can be cleaned separately in soap and water with a soft sponge. For stuck-on pieces of food, the folks at Veggie Bullet have included a cleaning brush designed to get into the machine’s nooks and crannies. The Power Base should simply be wiped with a damp cloth. To be honest, if you are only using organic vegetables in the Bullet, simply rinsing with hot water does the trick.  I let the parts air dry on a towel.

Bottom Line

I can’t live without this Bullet! It has saved me time and given me the opportunity to make healthy, delicious meals almost every day, with little effort. My time is at a premium, and the $139.99 is well worth the convenience.  This is the cadillac of appliances, and sits in a place of honor in my kitchen!

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17 thoughts on “Veggie Bullet Review”

  • Oh wow, I love it! I have a nutri bullet that I use almost daily for my smoothies. This is such a great kitchen item. I wanted to say gadget, but it really is something I can incorporate into using daily. I love veggies, and to be able to slice em and all the various ways to prepare them, would make them more interesting for my son. Hopefully he will eat more! Great product!

  • Thanks you so much for sharing this. What an amazing appliance to have in our kitchen.
    We are massive fans of sprializing in our kitchen. I can’t wait to get this!

  • hi Amy..
    i been searching to find the size in either mm. or in. of the slicer bc i eally like Kettle Brand salt & vinegar chips thickness and hoping the veggiebullet is similar…do you or anyone know size …it looks like a great product so thank you for demonstrating !

    • Did you find one you like? Sorry for the delay in my response but my site was experiencing technical issues! yes, You can get similar size chips with the veggie bullet!

    • Hi Cory — if the veggies are organic, I just rinse them off — but if they are conventional, I will spend a few extra minutes making sure they are clean! Actually that is what I like about the Veggie Bullet as well. I can just rinse it off with hot water when I am done, and don’t need to spend time scrubbing with soap. It cleans up in a flash…! Thanks for writing!

  • My family and I were raised on southern cuisine which is usually tasty but very neat and potato….
    Once my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and Celiac disease, I knew our diet had to change….
    The Veggie Bullet would allow me the opportunity to substitute unhealthy carbs with organic no carb veggies! I was glad it hear that it comes with a cookbook…i will need recipe ideas!

  • Wow! It definitely looks so much easier than my crank handled spiralizer. With so many more dinner possibilities I’m going to treat myself to one soon!

  • The cyclonic spiralizer sounds amazing! I love making “zoodles” but I just have a manual hand cranked spiralizer right now. Is the veggie bullet dishwasher safe? Or do you need to hand wash it every time? A machine life this always has a downside lol. Is there absolutely anything you don’t like about this machine? Or is it just as good as you say it is?

    • Hi Dan! Yes, this is dishwasher safe with the exception of the motorized base. I prefer to rinse off which works fine as long as I rinse fairly quickly after use. As for a down-side — that would have to be the mess of all the vegetables on the counter, and the shredded pieces that ultimately find their way behind my toaster…! Seriously, not much of a down-side. This machine really rocks. Thanks so much for writing!

  • That veggie bullet is pretty cool. I love the spiralizer. I have been making more chopped salads lately, putting in brussel sprouts and fruit. I have a chopper but is pretty antiquated. I have been considering purchasing one of these for awhile, I may have to give this a whirl. Thank you for the informative article.
    Take Care,

    • Thanks for writing, Heather! I can tell you from my own experience that this machine makes life so much easier than using the hand choppers…! Not to mention the torn skin from getting too close to the chopping edges! Let me know if you order it — I would love to know what you think!

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